Super food Sattu Meets Yummy Chocolate

Our healthy chocolate nutrition bars are powered by Sattu (Roasted Chana/Bengal Gram flour) which is a plant based nutrient-dense traditional Indian superfood.

Healthy + Tasty

Super healthy and Super tasty. The perfect daily snack


Amazing balance of crunchy, sweet and chewy! Perfect snack for kids and adults.

Samant with his boys. Enjoying Foodrik bars post morning cycling

Foodrik bars are a nice mix of great taste, healthy nutrients & attractive packaging. It is a perfect grab for a healthy munch during those hours between meals.

Arjun Kalra, Marketing head Apple India

I like the initiative of Foodrik of Channa Sattu based products. I am so happy that this traditional super food of India has been used.

Shraddha Marathe, Professional Dietician

As parents we take a lot of trouble to keep our daughter away from eating junk. These bars are a big help. Our daughter gets her “chocolatey, nutty” taste as well as high nutrition. Keep them handy for those hungry moments...

Nilanjana & Arjun Ghosh, Professors and parents of a 8 year daughter

Excellent healthy mid day snack for a working woman like me. I plan to make it a nutritious habit now. This was my second purchase already. Happy with the product and quick delivery.

Monica Chadha

I thought it would either be too chocolate-y or too bland... but it wa actually really quite good and well balanced...
Will definitely stock more for random snacking.

Beeta Mehta

Happy to have found this healthy bar for my daughter who is a very fussy eater. After having this bar, she said “Mummy it's yummy can I have more?" I am happy to see Foodrik come out with these bars which are healthy and full of nutrients.

Swati Chandra, Working mother of a 8 year daughter, long distance cyclist