Our Mission

Our inception

We were a team of parents first and experts later, who wanted to make an impact on what our children eat and the nutrition they get.

Foodrik has had a great panel of experts which included experts in the fields of nutrition, ayurved, yoga, education, and doctors in India and from across the world. They guided and advised us on our content and interventions

We have had a great time interacting and advising parents, conducting workshops in pre-schools, schools, RWAs.

The idea

And then the pandemic struck and things shut down. Like for many of us, it hit us hard too.

But we were left with the strong message by parents to carry on and many had the question “Why don't you launch products of your own”?

We decided to build a food product company focusing on nutritious and tasty foods, with plant based Indian superfoods as their foundation. A fun brand for children that parents could trust.

All this interaction with children inspired our founder so much that he ended up writing 2 children books.


We looked out and joined hands with many great people and companies who shared our vision.

From product prototype to sampling with our own kids and many more, through many rounds of rework we had our first product ready.

Manufactured in a modern plant, with a picture perfect location, run by a great team near Pune.

The Learning & The Growing

We believe in involving everyone in our journey of Tasty Nutrition, and we have made friends along the way.It is the most wholesome feeling when the sweet joy can be spread everywhere, as much as possible. The feedback we receive is also, in turn, really valuable , as it makes us strive to do even better than before.

And thus was born our first product and we are excited to have you join us in this journey.