Foodrik Choco Nutri Bar Celebration Pack - (Box of 18 Bars)

Foodrik Choco Nutri Bar Celebration Pack - (Box of 18 Bars)

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Key ingredients used are Sattu (Roasted Chana / Bengal Gram), Almonds & Oats along with Dates & Honey.

Designed specially for children. Provides Protein, Fibre and Iron, ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition, 2020.

No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives.

A. What is unique about these bars?

    • Powered by Sattu (Roasted Chana / Bengal Gram): This is a traditional Indian Superfood full of nutrition which is not eaten that often these days. Along with Almonds, Oats, Dates and Honey

    • Tasty: Nutritious ingredients wrapped in Yummy Chocolate

    • Nutritious: Provides Protein Iron and Fibre, ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition, 2020 

    • Just Right: Not too big - The right size. Healthy ingredients makes it filling. 

    B. When should I eat these bars?

    • Perfect Break Time Snack: It is those pre-meal gap-filled moments of the day (post classes, tiffin, post school, afternoon snack, evening break) when they you may end up eating unhealthy food and you are looking for tasty nutritious snacks.

    C.  Its says designed by Experts, what do you mean?

    Our experts spent a lot of time understand nutrition needs. These have been incorporated in the bars. Some of the main features are:

    • Right size (not too big/not too small)
    • Balance of traditional and healthy nutritious ingredients
    • Dates, Honey and Brown Rice syrup as healthy sweeteners
    • Provides Plant based protein, fibre and iron
    • Made in a modern and hygienic manufacturing facility
    • Lightly coated with chocolate to keep health element intact

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    Foodrik Choco Nutri Bar - (Box of 6)

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    • Traditional Sattu, Almonds, Oats, Dates & Honey wrapped in Tasty Chocolate
    • Healthy Nutrition Bars - Break Time Snacks - for Kids and Adults
    • These healthy bars are designed by Experts
    • Chewy/Crispy texture keeps you busy and you will love the Nutty/Chocolatey taste 
    • Filling enough to keep hunger pangs at bay

    Customer Reviews

    Happy to have found this healthy bar for my daughter who is a very fussy eater. After having this bar, she said “Mummy it's yummy can I have more?" I am happy to see Foodrik come out with these bars which is healthy and full of nutrients.

    Swati Chandra, Working mother of a 8 year daughter, long distance cyclist

    Excellent healthy mid day snack for a working woman like me. I plan to make it a nutritious habit now. This was my second purchase already. Happy with the product and quick delivery.

    Monica Chadha, Partner at Top Accounting Firm

    Foodrik bars are a nice mix of great taste, healthy nutrients & attractive packaging. My two girls always pick up a bar before they head out for outdoor activities. It is a perfect grab for a healthy munch during those hours between meals.

    Arjun Kalra, Father of 2 girls, Marketing head Apple India

    Tried it on recommendation; Foodrik nutrition bar was super yummy packed with nutritious ingredients. Right amount of chocolate coating and soft and chewy. Everyone in the family really loved and enjoyed it !!

    Harman Sandhu, Father of a 8 year old and Senior Lawyer

    Never realised sattu would be so tasty

    Mala Sinha, Grandmother and Retired Delhi University Professor

    Loved the taste and it’s filling too. No after taste and from the contents I believe this would be great for health too. Would recommend it for children, sportsmen and women and executives on the move.

    Nilesh Nayak, Top Business executive and a foodie

    Kids liked it. Great addition to breakfast.

    Cherry Tandon, Mother of 2 active girls

    These bars are amazing. My kids like its taste and I don’t mind them eating it due to nutritional ingredients compared to other chocolate bars. Infact, it has become a snack for adults as well.

    Ankit Gupta, Father and Top Business Executive