A. What is unique about these bars?

    • Powered by Sattu (Roasted Chana / Bengal Gram): This is a traditional Indian Superfood full of nutrition which is not eaten that often these days.  

    • TastyBy adding Almonds, Oats, Dates & Honey to Sattu and wrapping in tasty chocolate, we have converted it into a convenient, tasty snack liked by children

    • Nutritious: Designed specially for children. It is a high source of Protein, Calcium, Iron and Fibre as per their recommended daily allowance, ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition, 2020 (calculated for children up to 12 years). 

    • Natural Ingredients: All this nutrition is coming from natural ingredients. 

    • Just Right: Not too big - The right size for children. Healthy ingredients makes it filling. The chewy texture keeps them busy for a while. 

    B. When should I give these bars to my children?

    • We would love to say anytime. But as a responsible brand, we feel children should have balanced home cooked main meals and lots of fruits.

    • It is those pre-meal gap-filled moments of the day (post classes, break time, post school, afternoon snack, evening playtime) when they may end up eating unhealthy food. That is when Foodrik Choco Nutri Bars would be a great choice.

    C. Is it just for kids, can adults also eat it?

    Of course!! If its good for children, its good for everyone...