A. What is unique about these bars?

    • Powered by Sattu (Roasted Chana / Bengal Gram): This is a traditional Indian Superfood full of nutrition which is not eaten that often these days. Along with Almonds, Oats, Dates and Honey

    • Tasty: Nutritious ingredients wrapped in Yummy Chocolate

    • Nutritious: Provides Protein Iron and Fibre, ICMR- National Institute of Nutrition, 2020 

    • Just Right: Not too big - The right size. Healthy ingredients makes it filling. 

    B. When should I eat these bars?

    • Perfect Break Time Snack: It is those pre-meal gap-filled moments of the day (post classes, tiffin, post school, afternoon snack, evening break) when they you may end up eating unhealthy food and you are looking for tasty nutritious snacks.

    C.  Its says designed by Experts, what do you mean?

    Our experts spent a lot of time understand nutrition needs. These have been incorporated in the bars. Some of the main features are:

    • Right size (not too big/not too small)
    • Balance of traditional and healthy nutritious ingredients
    • Dates, Honey and Brown Rice syrup as healthy sweeteners
    • Provides Plant based protein, fibre and iron
    • Made in a modern and hygienic manufacturing facility
    • Lightly coated with chocolate to keep health element intact