Sukhasana Pose for Kids

Sukhasana Pose for Kids

Modernisation has not only brought in luxuries, ease and amenities but also changed our way of living. The basic example is- having meals on dinner table. Back then in ancient India like 20-30 years ago, people preferred sitting on the floor in crossed leg position and eat. This is known as the Sukhasana pose in yoga. Temples like bhandardara, golden temple where food is served still follow the same tradition. Also, many communities and families do prefer to sit on floor and eat.

Some of the health benefits of eating in the Sukhasana pose are listed below:

  • Improves digestion: When you sit on floor with crossed legs its an Sukhasana yoga pose- a well known pose for digestion improvement. Secondly, the person has to bend down to eat the food and come back to normal posture. This constant bending and coming back puts an pressure on stomach and helps the abdominal muscles to release digestive juices which makes the eaten food softer and aids digestion.
  • Improves Posture: Bad posture causes excessive strain on muscles which causes fatigue, wear and tear faster than normal. When you sit on floor, the posture is corrected, making your back straight, lengthen your spine and pushes back the shoulder. So from childhood, the kids learn correct posture.
  • Relaxes and calms the mind: Especially of the always hyper kids as it involves in sitting in sukhasana or padmasana pose.
  • Provides knee and joint flexibility: Kids being very young they can be moulded as wanted. Sitting on floors makes our core muscles strong, pelvic and hip muscles flexible and ankles gently stretched.
  • Imparts the feeling of humbleness: Inculcates humility in children from an early age as yogic pose gives a spiritual feeling.

So from today itself, learn to sit on floors with your children for meals and experience its wonders!



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