Sattu: What is it, and why is it so good for you?


Introduction of Sattu

We are talking about Chana Sattu. Also known as Roasted Bengal Gram flour in English. It is considered part of the Chickpea family (currently popular as high nutrition plant based food globally). 

What is Sattu?

In simple terms it is kala chana (chickpea which is small in size and black/brown in colour; the other version found in India is the larger white one known as Kabuli Chana / Chola), which is roasted and ground into a flour.

History of Sattu

It is a traditional food of India, and Kala Chana has origins tracing to as early as 5400 BC in Turkey and found in 2500 BC in Indus Valley in present day India. The British first encountered it in Bengal and hence is also known as Bengal Gram. 

Part of India where Sattu is popular

It is still popular in Eastern states of India and a part of the daily diet in various forms. In other parts of the country Sattu does not necessarily mean Chana Sattu; it could also be Sattu made of other flours with or without Chana. 

Taste and Texture of Sattu

It has a distinctive taste and flavour (nutty) and brown note. Those who have not had it, may find the taste different and not take up to it instantly. For younger children it is a new taste and initially they may reject it. Presenting it in newer and smarter formats like the Foodrik Choco Nutri Bar will get the younger generation and children to experience and start eating this highly nutritious food. 

Nutrition Value of Sattu

Sattu has high amounts of protein, fibre and iron. 100gms of Sattu has approximately 20 gms of Protein. As a general rule 1 kg of body weight needs 1gm of Protein, so you can see it is such a high source, especially for children. 100 gms of Sattu has more than 15 gms of fibre, much higher than those found in some other high fibre foods like Oats. And if that’s not enough, it is also an excellent source of plant based Iron; more than 20 mg per 100 gms of Sattu : enough to make it a high source of Iron, something which a large part of the population, especially women and children are found to be deficient in. Last but not the least, a good source of Calcium too; not as high as some of the other foods like Almonds and Milk, but still provides your daily Calcium needs. 

New and Fun Ways to have Sattu

Such a healthy and nutritious superfood, native to India, is a great food choice to have daily. When given in a fun format as a chocolate bar - makes nutrition fun too. Foodrik Choco Nutri Bar, by using Sattu as its main ingredient, has indeed presented this traditional healthy food, which our grandparents loved, into such a fun and tasty format. Sattu, Almonds and Oats, wrapped in tasty chocolate.