SATTU DRINK - The thanda thanda cool cool beverage

SATTU DRINK - The thanda thanda cool cool beverage

With the summer scorching heat rising up across the country, all we crave for is instant coolers like ice cold water, aerated or soda beverages, chilled packaged fruit juices. What we here are forgetting is our widely available traditional cooling ingredient Sattu- the summer cooler.

What is Sattu?

Recent studies have suggested that protein coming from animal sources firstly has detrimental effects on one’s health like stroke, heart diseases and even early death. Secondly, endangerment of animal species. So PETA advises to go the vegan way. i.e. depend on plant based protein sources.

And our hero Sattu is an excellent source of plant protein (so vegetarians here is one more option for you), known as poor man's protein as it is cost effective.

Sattu is made from Bengal gram which is roasted and then powdered. Sattu is very versatile can be consumed in various ways. Before digging into its versatility, lets go through the nutritional content that 100gms of roasted sattu powder offers-



Protein (g)


Carbohydrates (g)


Fats (g)


Fiber (g)



One of the easiest and most loved form is as a sherbet, which can be either sweet and salted. It gives instant cooling effect, a great power booster on heaty days.

All you need to do is mix 2tbsp of sattu powder in one glass of chilled/normal water. Stir well so that sattu doesn’t settle down. Add lime juice drops, a bit of salt and jeera masala and you are done. Incase you have  sweet tooth, you can add in jaggery to your drink.

Other ways to include sattu in your diet is-

- Adding it to your rotis/parathas/bhakris

- Adding it to milkshakes or use it as a protein shake powder.  

Now apart from being a coolant, lets peep into other benefits of Sattu:

  • Sattu is a low glycemic index food (foods which release slowly sugar into blood) so beneficial for diabetics as they are restricted for other summer coolants like coconut water, sugarcane juice.
  • Sattu itself is a wholesome meal. It is rich in proteins, carbs, fibre and micronutrients.
  • It eases down digestion related issues like acidity, constipation and gas.
  • Being a good source of protein and micronutrient Zinc improves your hair strength.
  • Sattu is rich in calcium and iron too so helps in blood circulation and minimize inflammation.

So make sure to incorporate at least one glass serving of sattu 3-4 times a week.

Also you can check out our exclusive Choco Nutri bar- made with our hero ingredient Sattu, Almonds and Oats. I bet you it a healthier and best chocolate version not only kids but for grown up’s also.