Our hero ingredient: Chana Sattu

Our hero ingredient: Chana Sattu

Hey Foodies! Mark our words when we say a new era of healthy snacks has dawned upon us all!

But, health and snacks combined sound quite paradoxical. Approximately five million dollars are spent each day on marketing high-calorie fast food and promoting dietary patterns that are unsustainable for kids. But for this grave concern, Foodrik brings a clever solution to the table. The Choco Nutri Bars are made with Chana Sattu, a superfood historically recognized for its health benefits. 

Let’s take a closer look at its presence in our Choco Nutri Bars:

  1. Improves bowel movement
  • Sattu consumed on an empty stomach can help improve digestion; it is rich in iron and fibre, which reduces stomach problems and improves bowel movements. With the goodness of Sattu in our Choco Nutri Bars, they are both highly nutritious yet delicious and help our young generation to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 
  1. Flushes out toxins:
  • The Sattu has detoxifying properties; its consumption keeps you healthy and protects you from various health disorders. We recommend munching on our Choco Nutri-Bar at Foodrik's to keep your stomach happy and healthy. 
  1. Keeps you satiated:
  • A rich source of potassium and magnesium in Sattu makes it ideal for consumption on an empty stomach since it suffices your appetite. It helps to make you drool for more healthy items just like our Foodrik's choco Nutri-bar. 
  1. Increases energy:
  • When taken on an empty stomach, Sattu stimulates the growth of red blood cells. A larger number of red blood cells means more oxygen in the body, which gives you more energy throughout the day.
  1. Acts as a coolant
  • A chocolatey bar of Foodrik keeps your kid hydrated throughout the day. It cools down the stomach and prevents regular constipation, which is a common problem with today's generation. 

Having said that, Chana Sattu remains to be one of the premium ingredients that adds value and a distinctive flavour to Foodrik’s Choco Nutri Bar and makes it a must-have for growing kids for their improved metabolism and holistic growth.

Adopt healthier snacking habits with our nutritious product that keeps you energized and filled!