A perfect blend of daily healthy snacks ( Choco Nutri Bar)


“Staying healthy doesn’t just mean making the most of the lunch and dinner you prepare; choosing easy and healthy snacks throughout the day is also crucial."

Foodrik is a healthy food company that started with the idea of providing tasty and healthy snacks for growing kids and adults. Our products are made with the idea of "building healthy snacking habits" in mind. However, one can't just eat fruits and vegetables all day, simply because they won't provide enough energy and might be monotonous; so we also need snacks that can boost our energy levels. Choosing healthy snacks that also taste good is vital. 

Our latest product is the Choco Nutri Bar which offers a perfect blend of Sattu, Almonds and Oats to provide energy-boosting, guilt-free daily nutrients. These bars are designed to be low in sugar and high in fibre - ideal for people who are on the go or have a frequent snacking habit. Imagine a perfect blend of almond-studded sattu and oats bar for snacks every day instead of other junk variants like unhealthy fatty chips - no more unwanted calories!

The Choco Nutri Bar will be an excellent addition to your daily routine because it proves to be a nutritious snack with premium ingredients - superfoods are combined with intelligently designed small shapes to facilitate consumption without compromising the all-time favourite chocolate flavour.

Grab your Foodrik’s Choco Nutri Bar today to combat hunger pangs with healthy snacks!