A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Snacking Habits

A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Snacking Habits

Children are energetic bundles of joy! It is important to channelise this energy in a positive direction and fuel this energy with healthy and nutritious foods.Discipline and routine develop their personality. A balanced day of classes, after class activities, playtime, homework, social interaction with other children and wholesome entertainment will develop them as well rounded and confident individuals. Channelise this energy in a positive direction and fuel this energy with healthy and nutritious foods.

What could possibly be better than developing your kids’ healthy snacking habits?

Foodrik's Choco Nutri Bar offers kids a balanced diet of proteins, iron and other nutrients to keep them nourished and provide some essential nutrients needed for growing children. It contains healthy & wholesome ingredients such as Chana Sattu, Almonds and Oats (and of course, lots of love) that are scientifically proven to promote your child's holistic development. Our all-nutrient-rich break time bar beats unhealthy alternatives that are merely sugar and empty calories-based and provide no health benefits.

Best time to consume the Foodrik’s Choco Nutri bar-

  • Post classes: After hectic school activities, the Choco Nutri bar can be given as a reward for being disciplined and completing daily classes! This will also rejuvenate them for different post classroom activities.
  • Afternoon moments: Long afternoons, post lunch are typical moments when kids eat junk. This is especially so in these times when they are stuck home all day. The mother is relaxed because they can pick up these bars anytime they are hungry and they know it's a healthy treat. 
  • Play time: No more consumption of unhealthy junk before heading out, but rather an enriching combination of goodness in the form of a bite-sized treat! Handy healthy snacks to have, when hungry while playing. 
  • Evening snack: Chocolate might be tasty, but our Choco Nutri bar is tasty and healthy- two in one! A perfect & easy grab snack for the evening break time.

Don’t believe us? Try for yourself and see the difference!

Choose better, choose Foodrik!