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The Many Benefits of Healthy Cooking With Kids

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Children excel in the digital world - from operating mobile phones, online videos, apps and gaming. How many of them are exposed to domestic tasks and chores like cleaning, washing, and cooking?
In India, cooking is generally associated with women. Traditionally, children saw that mothers were the primary caretakers of the house. However, when they grow up it will be an increasingly equal world where both men and women will be expected to contribute to household work and cooking.

Benefits for children
  • They understand about food hygiene like washing hands before cooking or eating, wash fruits and vegetables
  • You can talk to them basics about a particular ingredient, the best way to cook them, how it is grown, health benefits
  • They can be made aware of the texture and shape of the food like hard, soft, round, flat, long 
  • Being exposed to new ingredients, they may agree to newer tastes which are associated with healthy foods, which otherwise they may not accept
  • Cooking can also help children learn mathematical skills (spoons and measurements)
  • It builds confidence and establishes healthy eating habits

Cooking can be messy especially when kids are involved. Let them mess up and teach them to clean up later. Make them wear aprons and chef hats which will make them feel excited. Always do it under adult supervision and be present with them as they love learning with you. 

As they grow older, this will foster interest in cooking, healthy foods and eating which will last forever and makes them independent wherever they go!